JuliaCon 2016

Talk Schedule

Please see here for Tuesday workshop schedule.

Most talks are 30 minutes long (plus 5 minutes for questions).

⚡ denotes a lightning talk. These talks are 8 minutes long (plus 2 minutes for questions).

WednesdayTrack 1 - Room 123Track 2 - Room 141
8:30Opening remarks
8:40Invited Talk: Fortress Features and Lessons Learned
Guy Steele
Keno Fischer
10:00⚡ Juno, a Julia IDE
Mike Innes
10:40Julia for data science: current progress and future plans
Simon Byrne
11:17⚡ TypedTables: type-safe data containers
Andy Ferris
11:30⚡ Music Information Retrieval in Julia
Jong Wook Kim
11:42⚡ Using Julia as a Quick and Dirty Code Generator
Arch D. Robison
11:55A word from sponsors (Intel, Invenia)
13:30Automatic differentiation techniques used in JuMP
Miles Lubin
Current state of GLVisualize
Simon Danisch
14:07ForwardDiff.jl: Fast Derivatives Made Easy
Jarrett Revels
⚡ Introduction to Vulkan
Simon Danisch
⚡ ThreeJS.jl: Interactive 3D Graphics in the Browser using Julia
Rohit Varkey Thankachan
⚡ NetworkViz.jl - A Julia interface to visualize graphs using ThreeJS.jl.
Abhijith Anilkumar
14:45⚡ Enabling reverse communication solvers and embedding Julia
Andy Greenwell
⚡ State of the GR framework
Josef Heinen
⚡ Iterative Methods for Sparse Linear Systems in Julia: A Quick Overview
Lars Ruthotto
⚡ Patterns for building web apps with Escher.jl
Shashi Gowda
15:40Finding Julia Bugs Automatically
Robert Feldt
Unums 2.0: Implementing projective intervals and sets in Julia
Jason Merrill
16:17⚡ Julia and R: Can't we have both?
Douglas Bates
The design and use of extended precision floats
Jeffrey Sarnoff
⚡ CppWrapper: Write Julia modules in C++
Bart Janssens
⚡ APL at Julia's speed
Shashi Gowda
16:55⚡ Building the Julia community in India
Zainab Bawa
⚡ Bounded Integers with Type-Level Constants
David Hossack
ThursdayTrack 1 - Room 123Track 2 - Room 141
8:45Invited Talk: To the curious incident of the CPU in the run-time: an overview of arrays and iteration in Julia
Tim Holy
9:35Julia 1.0
Stefan Karpinski
10:40⚡ Autonomous driving for RC cars with ROS and Julia
Jon Gonzales
Minecraft and LEDs : Julia on the Raspberry Pi
Avik Sengupta
11:30⚡ Overview of the new JuliaBox
Nishanth Kottary
11:42A word from sponsors (Moore, Julia Computing)
13:30HPAT.jl - Easy and Fast Big Data Analytics
Ehsan Totoni
Julia and Partial Differential Equations: Being Faster than M*TL*B
Clemens Heitzinger
OnlineStats.jl: Statistics for Streaming and Big Data
Josh Day
Finite Element Analysis in Julia
Kristoffer Carlsson
14:45DataStreams: Workflows for Data Processing Tasks
Jacob Quinn
Astrodynamics.jl: Modern Spaceflight Dynamics in Julia
Helge Eichhorn
15:40Least Squares with high dimensional variables
Matthieu Gomez
Precise and rigorous calculations for dynamical systems
David P. Sanders & Luis Benet
VinDsl.jl: Fast and furious statistical modeling
John Pearson
A novel algorithm for model selection in genome-wide association studies
Kevin L. Keys
16:55⚡ Towards a nonparametric belief solution for factor graphs
Dehann Fourie
⚡ OpenMendel Project
Hua Zhou
17:07⚡ Lora: a framework for Monte Carlo methods in Julia
Theodore Papamarkou
FridayTrack 1 - Room 123Track 2 - Room 141
8:45Invited Talk: Quantitative Macroeconomics
Tom Sargent
9:35DSGE.jl – Using Julia for Economic Modeling at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Erica Moszkowski
10:40BioJulia: Towards Bioinformatics in the Real World
Kenta Sato
The Two Cultures of Programming
Joshua Ballanco
10:46Backend Agnostic GraphLayout.jl
Abhijith Anilkumar
10:52Parallelized graph processing in Julia
Pranav Thulasiram Bhat
10:58Cross-platform vectorization using Accelerate, Yeppp! and VML
Remy Prechelt
11:04Implementing HTTP/2 for Julia
Wei Tang
11:10Julia Interactive Tutorial System
Matthew Lake (via video)
11:16Documenting Julia packages
Morten Piibeleht
Machine Code
Jameson Nash
11:22Support for complex-domain optimization problems in Convex.jl
Ayush Pandey
11:28Presolve Routines for Optimization Problems
Ramchandran M
11:34A Review of a Recently Implemented Implicit and Adaptive ODE Solver based on Adam-Bashforth-Multon Methods
Joseph Obiajulu
11:40Exposure Correction and Feature Extraction with Images.jl
Anchit Navelkar
11:46When is my calculation done? Programmatic query for the status of long calculations
Juan Antonio López Mendoza
11:52Pkg3: Julia Environments
Art Diky
12:00A word from sponsors (Conning, Jeffrey Sarnoff)
13:30ComputeFramework.jl - A framework and scheduler for parallel computing
Shashi Gowda
Accurate 3D mapping with Geodesy and Proj4
Chris Foster
14:07A tour of ParallelAccelerator.jl
Lindsey Kuper
How to combine efficiently discrete-event and continuous-time simulations in Julia?
Ben Lauwens
14:45⚡ A functional approach to High Performance Computing
Erik Schnetter
⚡ QuDynamics - Framework for solving Dynamical Quantum Equations.
Amit Jamadagni
⚡ Bounds check elimination in Julia v0.5
Blake Johnson
⚡ Network Algorithms Research in Julia
Huda Nassar
15:40High Performance Vectorized Computations with Yeppp!
Robert Guthrie
⚡ Swifter.jl : Scripting, REPL for iOS App development
WooKyoung Noh
⚡ PETSc.jl: Interfacing an enormous C sparse-matrix library
Jared Crean
⚡ jInv - A Flexible Julia Package for Parallel PDE Constrained Optimization
Lars Ruthotto
16:17Accelerating Julia Kernels with ArrayFire
Ranjan Anantharaman
17:00Closing remarks
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