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The second Julia conference will take place June 24th-27th, 2015 (Wednesday-Saturday) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Expect cutting-edge technical talks, hands-on workshops, a chance to rub shoulders with Julia's creators, and a weekend in a city known for its historical significance and colonial architecture. Purchase tickets here.

Not sure what to expect? Have a look at JuliaCon 2014's program and videos.


The conference will be held in the Ray and Maria Stata Center. The registration table, where name badges should be collected, will be located outside room 32-123 on the ground floor. Sessions are held in either 32-123, 32-141, or 32-144. Click the dates to see talk abstracts and speaker biographies.

The doors along Vassar Street will be unlocked on Saturday


The registration table, where name badges should be collected, will be located outside room 32-123 on the ground floor. Sessions are held in either 32-123, 32-141, or 32-144. Click the dates to see talk abstracts and speaker biographies.

Wednesday, June 24

Hackathon and Intro Workshop (Room 32-144)
08:00 Registration, coffee and light breakfast
08:30 Hackathon Begins
11:30 JSoC participants Lightning talks about JSoC 2015 projects
01:30 - 04:30
David P. Sanders Workshop: Invitation to Julia for scientific computing (video) (Room 32-123)
03:00 Break
06:30 Hackathon Ends
Dinner for speakers and organizers (7pm, RSVP)

Thursday, June 25

08:15 Coffee and light breakfast
08:45 Opening Remarks
08:55 Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Scientific Applications I (Room 32-123) (Chair: Jiahao Chen)
09:00 Kyle Barbary JuliaAstro (video)
09:10 Daniel C. Jones BioJulia: A modern bioinformatics framework (video)
09:50 Spencer Lyon Methods, Models, and Moments: Julian Economics with QuantEcon.jl (video)
10:30 Break (30 Minutes)
11:00 Katharine Hyatt Quantum Statistical Simulations with Julia (video)
11:40 David Beach Introducing Julia into a Python/C++ Scientific Computing Environment (video)
11:50 Art Diky Climate classification and clustering with Julia (video)
12:00 BlackRock, Inc.  
12:05 Lunch
Parallel session I: Visualization and Interactivity (Room 32-123) (Chair: Avik Sengupta)
01:30 Simon Danisch Hypersignals, a bold vision for interactive Data Visualization (video)
02:10 Jack Minardi 3D Printing with Julia: Presenting "Euclid", a new high performance multimaterial slicer (video)
02:50 Josef Heinen GR.jl - Plotting for Julia based on GR (video)
03:00 Break (20 Minutes)
03:20 Mike Innes Building web-powered applications in Julia (video)
04:00 Zachary Yedidia SFML.jl -- A package for the Simple Fast Multimedia Library (video)
04:10 Shashi Gowda Escher.jl: A new way to make and deploy GUIs (video)
04:20 Viral B. Shah JuliaBox - Julia in your browser (video)
04:30 Sebastien Martin Taxi fleet simulation and visualization (video)
Parallel session II: Statistics (Room 32-141) (Chair: Douglas Bates)
01:30 Zenna Tavares Julia as a Probabilistic Programming Language
02:10 Chiyuan Zhang Mocha.jl - Deep Learning for Julia (video)
02:50 Simon Kornblith L1 regularized regression (video)
03:00 Break (20 Minutes)
03:20 Pontus Stenetorp Suitably Naming a Child with Multiple Nationalities using Julia (video)
04:00 John Myles White What needs to be done to move JuliaStats forward (video)
04:40 Break
Ecosystem (Room 32-123) (Chair: Mike Innes)
5:00 Tony Fong Lint.jl (video)
5:40 Tony Kelman How to support Windows: cross-platform installation and testing for Julia packages (video)
5:50 Isaiah Norton Automatic ccall wrapper generation with Clang.jl (video)
6:00 Iain Dunning Julia's Package Ecosystem: Past, Present, and Future (video)
6:10 Sorami Hisamoto What’s going on at JuliaTokyo? (video)
6:20 Leah Hanson Contributing to Julia (video)
6:30 Discussion: Contributing & Ecosystem
07:00 Hang out with other Julians

Friday, June 26

08:15 Coffee and light breakfast
08:55 Julia Computing
Julia Internals (Room 32-123) (Chair: Isaiah Norton)
09:00 Jeff Bezanson The base language: future directions and speculations (video)
09:40 Jake Bolewski Staged Programming in Julia (video)
10:20 Westley Hennigh Who optimizes the optimizers? Can genetic algorithms help us to
optimize the layout of LLVM IR passes used to compile Julia code? (video)
10:30 Break (30 Minutes)
11:00 Keno Fischer Shaving the Yak: Why Julia now has one of the best C++ FFIs and what to do with it (video)
11:40 Mauro Werder Traits.jl, interfaces for Julia (video)
11:50 Jacob Quinn What Happens When: From Parse-Time to Compile-Time (video)
12:00 Douglas Bates Mixing it up: Adventures with statistical models and sparse matrices (video)
12:10 Group photo and Lunch
Parallel session I: Numerical Computing (Room 32-123) (Chair: Katharine Hyatt)
01:30 Jack Poulson Distributed-memory "direct" linear algebra and optimization (video)
02:10 Zhang Xianyi Introduction to OpenBLAS and BLIS (video)
02:50 Break (20 Minutes)
03:10 Viral B. Shah The present and future of sparse matrices in Julia. (video)
03:50 David P. Sanders Validated numerics in Julia (video)
04:00 Luis Benet Taylor series expansions in julia (video)
04:10 Hongbo Rong, Jongsoo Park Sparse Accelerator
Parallel session II: Scientific Applications II (Room 32-141) (Chair: Spencer Lyon)
01:30 Robert Moss Using Julia as a Specification Language for the Next-Generation
Airborne Collision Avoidance System (slides) (video)
02:10 Lars Ruthotto
Eldad Haber
Distributed Algorithms for Full-Waveform-Inversion (FWI) (video)
02:50 Break (20 Minutes)
03:10 Iain Dunning JuliaOpt: Optimization-related projects in Julia (video)
03:50 Yee Sian Ng JuliaGeo: Working with Geospatial data in Julia
04:00 Blake Johnson Quickly building simulations of quantum systems (video)
04:10 Kevin Damazyn and Mark Tabor SLU-TMI - TextMining.jl (video)
04:20 Break
Data (Room 32-123) (Chair: John Myles White)
04:40 Simon Kornblith JLD: Saving Julia objects to the disk in HDF5 format (video)
05:20 Avik Sengupta Serving up : A practical guide to exposing Julia APIs on the web (video)
05:30 Tanmay Mohapatra ProtoBuf.jl - Interfacing Julia with Complex systems using Protocol Buffers (video)
05:40 Bob Carpenter Stan.jl: Statistical Modeling and Inference Made Easy (video)
05:50 Eric Davies Towards A Consistent Database Interface (video)
06:00 Discussion: Databases and Interchange
Parallel Computing (Room 32-141) (Chair: Viral Shah)
04:30 Amit Murthy Cluster Managers and Parallel Julia (video)
05:10 Kiran Pamnany
Ranjan Anantharaman
Multi-threading Julia (video)
05:50 Patrick Sanan Using Julia on a Cray Supercomputer (video)
06:00 Julia Yang Distilling RUM with Julia (video)
06:10 Break
06:20 Closing Remarks

Saturday, June 27

Iain Dunning, Joey Huchette,
Miles Lubin, Madeleine Udell
Solving optimization problems with JuliaOpt (video) (Rm. 32-123)
09:00-11:30 Avik Sengupta Julia and the world: How to work with
C/C++/Java/Python/Ruby from Julia (video) (Rm. 32-141)
11:30-1:00 Lunch
01:00-04:00 Arch D. Robison Introduction to Writing High Performance Julia (video) (Rm. 32-123)
01:00-02:30 Randy Zwitch Everyday Analytics and Visualization (video) (Rm. 32-141)
02:45-04:15 Jacob Quinn Managing Data in Julia: Old Tricks, New Tricks (video) (Rm. 32-141)
04:30-06:30 Viral B. Shah Parallel computing with Julia (Rm. 32-123)
04:30-06:30 Shashi Gowda Making GUIs with Escher.jl (video) (Rm. 32-141)


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