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Call for Proposals

We are inviting the Julia community to submit talks and workshop proposals for the upcoming JuliaCon (August 7th-11th 2018, London, UK). JuliaCon 2018 is the fifth annual Julia community meeting. We encourage everyone who is interested to consider submitting a proposal, regardless of your level of experience with Julia or as a speaker. JuliaCon thrives on having talks ranging from introductory to advanced. If you are reading this and work with Julia in any form, we want you to consider submitting a proposal!

CFP closes on:
Submit here! (AoE stands for Anywhere on Earth)


Over the years, JuliaCon presentations have ranged from introductory to advanced and have been from industry and academia. To get a feel for previous years’ presentations, take a look at our past programmes and recordings: (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017). We are interested in all topics that have to do with Julia, including the following incomplete list:

The most important consideration is whether you think it would be interesting.


Proposal Types

Talks are 30 minutes long, including 5 minutes allocated for questions from the audience.

Lightning talks are 10 minutes long, including 2 minutes allocated for audience questions.

Workshops are two to three hours long and are either in-depth tutorials or interactive hands-on sessions.

Posters are presented during a well attended evening session inspiring discussion and collaboration with the Julia community.

Package collaboration time is a break out session for package maintainers to recruit contributors and evangelize their software or work together with existing contributors.  You are encouraged to ask for time for a package or set of packages that have overlapping communities. These sessions will be advertised on the schedule and meet in the break out room. To set one of these up please contact the committee.

When submitting your proposal (abstract), you may select multiple categories for consideration. Proposals are assigned to presentation types based on amount of high quality material and schedule availability. If you have other ideas or suggestions, like a topic or focus of a hackathon, please let us know and we will see what we can do.

Mentoring for first time speakers:

First time speakers are welcomed and encouraged. In order to support speakers, we are going to be trialing a process this year for obtaining mentorship and feedback from experienced speakers. These mentoring sessions can cover any of the following:

Are you interested in applying for mentoring? Willing to mentor first time speakers?

Mentors/mentees applications close on:
Apply here!

Proposal Advice

If you have doubts about becoming a speaker, check out the website We are all awesome.
We look forward to your proposals and to seeing you at JuliaCon 2018.

The fine print

Submission process

We are using an anonymized submissions process, to avoid selection bias related to the speaker.

Travel assistance

Travel assistance (in form of reimbursement of costs for flight and housing) and/or a reduced conference ticket is available for a limited number of speakers, particularly those who bring new perspectives and diverse backgrounds to JuliaCon. Apply here!

Recordings and materials

We plan to video record all talks and will make them available after the conference. We do this for those who cannot attend. If you are uncomfortable with having your talk recorded, however, please let any member of the committee know; being recorded is not a requirement to attend JuliaCon or to give a presentation. Finally, we also ask you to make your materials and recording available under a Creative Commons (default: no commercial reuse) or other open source license.

How to contact us

You can reach us with questions and concerns at juliacon@julialang.org or on Twitter as @JuliaCon2018