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To mentor

To review financial assistance apps

To review talk proposals


Mentors to new speakers

JuliaCon 2020 will match first-time JuliaCon speakers desiring guidance to experienced speakers willing to mentor. We are expecting a time commitment of maximally a few hours in which mentors will provide feedback on a novice speaker's presentation. Please let us know if you would like to be mentored or if you are willing to mentor a first-time speaker for JuliaCon 2019!

Proceedings reviewers

JuliaCon will be offering proceedings, and we need reviewers to assess submissions. Our review process will be similar to that of the Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS).

Talk submission reviewers

Once the Call for Proposals closes, we expect to have order of 200 proposals to review, each of which will require at least three pairs of eyes. Help us create a fair and expedient review process by agreeing to read and score a set of talk proposals, and then discuss your evaluation with other volunteers.

Financial assistance application reviewers

We are currently looking for volunteers to review financial assistance applications, linked from our Frequently Asked Questions page. These applications are shorter in length, so we expect reviewers to review all applications (about 60) and rate them according to a rubric we will provide. If the need arises, we may need to have conference calls to discuss certain cases individually.

Local /On-site volunteers

Our on-site volunteers help keep the conference running smoothly by helping with items like registration and set-up at the venue. Help us put on a great event for our community!