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The JuliaCon 2022 posters will be presented as part of a poster session which will happen synchronously on: July 27th, 2022, from 18:00–19:30 UTC. You can find a calendar invite for the session here: JuliaCon Poster Session on Pretalx

The poster session will be held on Gathertown. Join the session on GatherTown.

The following posters will be presented at JuliaCon2022:

Acelerando un algoritmo de transformación unitaria con Julia

Alejandro R. Urzúa

Fun Insight with Julia DataFrame

Sorratat Sirirattanajakarin

Julia in ASEAN

Bishmer Sekaran

Multilinear maps and fluid mechanics with Julia

Nicholas Chisholm

Nautilus.jl - a GUI for interactive compiler optimization passes

Miguel Raz Guzmán Macedo

Phylogenetic trees in Julia

Gustavo A. Ballen

RobertoMD: Parallel Hybrid Particle-Field Molecular Simulation

Zhenghao Wu, S. Alberti

Why you should be teaching your students to program in Julia

Logan Kilpatrick