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Q: Is there financial assistance available?

A: As we have moved to a virtual conference for 2021, registration is free! Register for JuliaCon 2021 at the tickets page.

Q: How can I get involved?

A: If you’re looking for ways to volunteer for JuliaCon 2021, please consider mentoring a new speaker, and virtually volunteering.

Q: I haven’t presented before. Is there support/guidance available?

A: Yes! We have mentors available to help with submissions as well as presenting. Request a mentor.

Q: I don’t know anyone who will be attending JuliaCon 2021. Will there be any social event(s) where I can network and make friends?

A: Yes! Please stay tuned for some fun social events we are planning, such as a buddy program and speaker social. We want to make JuliaCon a rewarding and fun experience for you!