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Accessibility at JuliaCon

JuliaCon is committed to providing an accessible and inclusive environment to every attendee. We want everyone to get the most from the presentations at JuliaCon, whether they're attending in person or watching online.

Feel free to reach out to the organising committee at juliacon@julialang.org for any additional concerns.

Presentation Guidelines

We're aiming to raise awareness of diversity and promote equity for all members of our community. We want to reach everybody in the audience, regardless of vision impairment or other disabilities. So here are some guidelines and suggestions you can follow when building your presentation. These will help make your ideas accessible to everyone.

Diversity Awareness:

Be aware and open to the diversity in your audience. When planning your content understand that some of your audience might not be able to:

Your audience has both visible and invisible identities and accessibility needs.

Best practices for creating an accessible presentation:

Best practices for inclusive presentations:

Read Best Practices for Creating Accessible PowerPoints and Inclusive Presentations for more information.

Travel with a disability

Read our Travel with a disability page for more information on how to make your travel to JuliaCon as smooth as possible.